Friday, July 11, 2008

Reaching A Thousand

Oh wow I can't believe I already made a thousand paid post in triple P. I am really thankful to my friend Anne for introducing this blogging opportunity in me which makes me earn money up to these days. Staying at home is not easy because it bores me a lot but with the help of blogging, it helps me a lot. Aside from earning from it, I also met a lot of other Filipina which makes me feel at home.

Blogging opportunity makes me save money too. I also bought my own Laptop from blogging money. It cost a lot but it's a great feeling because I work hard and save just to get it. There are also different stuff that I bought from my own earnings that I really treasure a lot. Hopefully, even if I can find a job outside the house, I would still be able to continue my blogging career... charing!

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