Friday, July 11, 2008

English Foxhound Dog

I got interested of the name English Foxhound dog when I was reading something. I decided to search what it looks like and luckily found it's description. It says that English Foxhound Dog have a good voice, a keen nose, a rugged constitution and an ability to get along with other are all hallmarks of the English Foxhound. These dogs are bold, active, passionate hunters. They are responsive and obedient to their masters but their training takes patience. They are good with children and friendly with people but prefer to be in the company of other dogs. Grooming needs are minimal. Comb or brush regularly, but bath only when necessary. They are average shedders. Keep these dogs on a leash when walking or they will take off after interesting scents. They weigh 65 to 70 lbs. and stand 21-25" at the shoulders.

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