Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our First Client

When you become a mom everything will change not for the better though as having a child can completely make your world crazy especially if you didn't plan having a baby. But no matter what hardship it is, when your child is happy and smile at you, you just feel great although it doesn't changed the fact that you are still going to do the same thing over and over.

And you think things get better as they get older? Nope, not really. My daughter is not 3 and I can't get a job unless I put her to daycare which I don't want to happen. And so my sister and I got an idea of start cleaning houses on our husband's day off, at least as a start since she have a toddler too.

And tomorrow will be our  our first day. We are going to clean a two story house, our very first and only client at the moment. We are hoping to get more later on but right now, having one client is a good start.

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