Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Avoid Identity Theft

One of the top crime in our country is identity theft, which can ruin victims life. Thieves can steal a person's identity by stealing ID's, credit/debit cards, bills and other valuable information or documents that contains personal information. Also be aware of the latest news about electronic pick pocketing, where thieves uses a gadget that can read your personal information inside your wallets and pockets without even touching you or your pocket and wallets. But there are ways you can avoid identity theft. Make sure to shred any unused credit/debit cards and other documents before dumping in your garbage to avoid thieves from getting your personal info's. Avoid giving any information on the phone or online without making sure it's legit. Also make sure to monitor your banking and other financial status regularly. You can also use RFID blocking products such as rfid credit cards, signal blocking cellphone bags, secure badge holder, RFID blocking wallets and other secure cases for your valuable items that contains your personal information.

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