Monday, November 3, 2008

Window Shopping

As you can see, Filipina just love to wander around the mall. We had great time shopping and we mostly shopped around Macy where we found great discounts! Wooo

And just like my previous post about "Baby Jayden" not looking at the camera, this another pretty angle "Baby Jancil" also got tired of the camera. As you can see she's really trying to hide her face every time the camera clicks. For some reason, all of us can't just stop taking picture with this two angels. Oh well who can stop taking pictures of such pretty babies? hahahhaah Poor babies...

But anyway, I am so happy to met Ate Maureen in person as well as baby Jancil. I just hope and wish that one day they will be coming back here in Texas... Miss you Ate Mau and Baby Jancil!

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