Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dropping Dropping

It was few months ago when I first joined Entrecard. I remember I was blog hopping that day at ate Juliana's blog when I first saw an interesting image on her blog with a DROP sign on the bottom. Out of my curiosity, I clicked it and as I was redirected to the main site, I joined the site without even knowing what is it for. Actually I first thought it was a money generator website like triple p and other company that paid bloggers to post about certain product. After registration and copying codes, I have never visited the site again until few weeks ago when I saw more bloggers are using it especially my friends.

I then took time to read the site and how it really works as I heard it would really helps the traffic of your site or blog. And sure enough as I've learned dropping from one site to another, my traffic is getting better.

What I love about entry card, you will be able to visit different blogs and website with out leaving any messages on the tag board.

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