Friday, June 20, 2008

Custom Closet

It's been almost a week now since the time we've moved here in the apartment. I would say, I don't like moving at all and I would never wish to move again unless it would be on the house where we hubby and I live forever. Moving is crazy and it's really a headache for there are so many things you need to unpack and arrange. The only thing that I like in this move is the fact that my husband and I will be able to start new things together. I had been so busy since the first day...arranging and figure out where I like to put things. It was really frustrating because I don't like mess and I always want things in place but seeing stuff all over our new place gives me headache. There were just so many things that's needed to be done but you just don't know where to start because things are everywhere. We even need to clean and spray every cabinet...etc etc...

And today, our custom closet is finally done and I am almost done putting up all our clothes. So hopefully this week will be my last day of cleaning and arranging because I want to go back to my work online for I wasn't earning good this month and there's only few days left before the month of June ended.

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