Friday, June 13, 2008

Common Sense

What is Common Sense ?

To give a proper definition of "Common Sense", let's ask Mr. Noun: sound practical judgment that is independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

I know most people have Common Sense but for some reason, there are people who choose not to use it. It is common knowledge why but let's tackle a little bit about it. What are the possible reasons on why some people do things that they are not supposed to do despite of the fact that they are well aware of things surround them...

One of the reason is Money. There are only few people who don’t change when they smell money. Just like my Mama, before my grandmother died and even before she got sick, Grandma had been calling on the phone and told my Mother to come home and stay with her and she will give her everything. Before my grandma died, while she was already bed ridden, every single day, she will tell my mother she want to get up and go to a lawyer so she can sign a paper to make sure my mother will get the house. But despite of all grandma’s will, my mother refuses to take anything because as she said “She have siblings and she don’t want them to curse (us) her own kids just because of Money. My mother never care if she remain as poor as she is now just to have a peace of mind.

Other common reasons why most people tend to ignore “Common Sense” that they have is Jealousy, Anger and Rage...

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  1. Hay, di dictionary naman gyud ni nimo Day Anne, hehehehe. Diay happy weekend!