Monday, January 12, 2009

Almost A Disaster...

Last nights, hubby and I arrived from the grocery so hungry so we decided to eat Blueberry muffins. I told hubby he can bake blueberry muffins and I will try to assemble the shelves we bought for the kitchen. I really don't feel baking last night and I know hubby would love it so I prefer to just sit on the floor trying to assemble the shelves we bought.

Actually we were supposed to bake the muffins while we were watching the movie yesterday about two to three o'clock but hubby found out we don't have any milk on the fridge. But anyway, at least he was able to make it last night after we went to the grocery... It was almost a disaster when hubby found out we forgot to get eggs while we were in the grocery... He got pissed as he already mixed everything aside from the egg... humm he got no other option but went out to buy some eggs lols...

The blueberry muffins we had last night turns out good after all the chaos. It was just a premix blueberry muffins we got from walmart but it was really good. It's so simple and easy to make. You just need to mix it with two eggs, water, oil and then bake it... so simple..

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