Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Is Your Love Based On?

Physical aspect is what we usually look up and admire when we first met someone but in a relationship understanding, trust, love and respect is more important. I believe losing respect and trust for each is one of the reasons why most couple got separated or divorced. Because without respect would leads to distrust your partner and without trust will leads to Jealousy and so and so and so.

Your Love is Based on Friendship

For you, chemistry doesn't really happen without compatibility.
Companionship and openness are the most important parts of your relationships.
Whoever you love should be your best friend.
And falling in love with a good friend is never out of the question.

Why your love can last: You only fall for people who you truly understand... and who truly understand you

Why your love can fail: Sometimes you don't admit how important physical chemistry is to you

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